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Dr. Juan Carlos Barrera Rojas is an experienced, skilled, and multidisciplinary plastic  & cosmetic surgeon in Dubai. Born in Colombia, Dr. Juan studied and practiced across various South American and North American countries before moving to the UAE. Now completing over 28 years of cosmetic practice, he serves at the prestigious Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital as an expert in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic surgery in Dubai. 

While he is revered as a specialist for facelifting, breast augmentation and reduction surgeries, liposuction, buttock augmentation, etc., he is also skilled in performing less invasive procedures such as rhinoplasty (primary and secondary), eyelid lift, otoplasty, and various Botox and filler treatments. He also specializes in breast, nose, and post-oncological reconstruction procedures in Dubai.

He is well-versed in using the latest body sculpting devices like J-Plasma and BodyJet and offers only the most trusted implant products for augmentation procedures. He has also helped patients who underwent massive weight loss post bariatric surgery achieve their true shape and curves with body contouring procedures.

He is multilingual, which has helped him communicate passionately with patients from different nationalities in Dubai. Being a part of 5 of the largest medical societies in the world, he is frequently invited to international conferences in Colombia, Brazil, Argentine, Canada, Japan, Uruguay, the USA, and many European countries. 

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