Rhinoplasty in Dubai ( Nose Surgery )

Rhinoplasty ( Nose Surgery )


The nose is the most distinguishing feature of the face, and even little changes in its size or shape can dramatically affect a person’s appearance. Cosmetic rhinoplasty in dubai by Dr Juan Carlos aims to improve the nose’s appearance and create harmony with the rest of the face.

Accoring to Dr. Juan Carlos, best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai, rhinoplasty can also be used to remodel the interior of the nose, making it easier to breathe. Although ‘Rhinoplasty’ is a medical term, this surgical procedure is also sometimes known as “nose jobs,” “nose contouring,” or “nasal surgery.” In other words, it involves reconstructing and sculpting the bone and cartilage to improve the appearance or function of the nose.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty in Dubai is a surgical procedure that alters the form of the nose. The upper section of the nose’s structure is bone, whereas the lower portion is cartilage. Rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai can alter bone, cartilage, skin, or all three.

But before you decide to undergo this surgery, you must discuss with your rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai whether Rhinoplasty is right for you and what it can accomplish. Dr. Juan Carlos is a  well-trained best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai and has been practicing plastic surgery for many years. He carefully analyses every case before suggesting you the surgery and only abides by modern and latest techniques.

Who is a good candidate for Rhinoplasty in Dubai?

Adults with completed facial growth make excellent prospects for a rhinoplasty procedure. However, if this rhinoplasty treatment is performed on teenagers or people in their growing age, future growth may vary or impair the surgical appearance obtained from the first procedure.

Patients for this ‘Nose surgery’ in Dubai should have generally good health, a cheerful perspective, and reasonable goals. Also, being a non-smoker helps.

What is the procedure for Rhinoplasty in Dubai?

Before the procedure, our best rhinoplpasty surgeon in Dubai will take a comprehensive medical history and examination. This will determine whether the nose reconstruction will necessitate harvesting the patient’s own tissue, such as skin or cartilage.

Regardless of the surgery, our surgeon will use anesthesia to ensure the patient is comfortable. General anesthesia induces a deep slumber during surgery, whereas a combination of moderate sedative drugs and local anesthesia allows the patient to stay awake but comfortable and pain-free.

After the initial incision on the underside of the nose, the surgeon may lift the skin to access the bone and cartilage below after the patient has been given general anesthesia. The surgeon may use a knife to trim extra cartilage, and a little tool called an Osteotome might be used to sculpt the bone delicately. 

In addition to performing aesthetic surgery to enhance the nose’s appearance, our rhinoplasty surgeon might also undertake nasal airway surgery to enhance nasal breathing.

best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai - Dr Juan Carlos

What should you expect post Rhinoplasty surgery?

A week is enough to get back to work or school for most people.

What kind of precautions should you take post-surgery?

What results should you expect from a Rhinoplasty surgery?

The effects of the procedure won’t be seen until 2 weeks following the procedure, when the bruises and swelling have subsided, and the new nose’s details are clearly visible. Within a year of surgery, your nose will gradually change and ultimately have a defined contour and fixed shape. 

Later in life, the natural aging process may change the form of the nose, but the surgery’s results are often long-lasting, and the difference from the original shape will be noticeable.

However, in certain instances, the small adjustments are insufficient; you may be advised for a second surgery for more adjustments. If so, you will need to wait at least a year before having the follow-up surgery because your nose may change over that time.

Why choose Dr. Juan Carlos for your Rhinoplasty in Dubai?

Dr. Juan Carlos is an experienced plastic surgeon in Dubai.  Besides all body contouring surgeries, Dr. Juan has expertise in secondary, corrective, and revision rhinoplasty in Dubai. With every surgery, he makes sure that he offers the patient a nose that will accentuate his/her features and give him/her a sense of pride and confidence. He takes safety as a priority, rendering care and compassion throughout the process and post-surgery.

Looking for a  best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai? Wait no more, and contact Dr. Juan Carlos,  for rhinoplasty in Dubai.