Thigh Lift in Dubai

Thigh Lift in Dubai


If your thighs have recently lost weight, you might be looking for a method to assist you in having smoother, more sculpted legs. Or perhaps you’re trying to figure out how to deal with the sagging skin on your thighs with aging.

En-routing the surgical method and getting a Thigh Lift in Dubai might be an option for some people to get rid of extra, sagging skin. However, it is always a good idea to study the surgery before undergoing the same.

What is a Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift in Dubai is an invasive cosmetic procedure that targets the thighs to remove extra skin and fat.

The most typical justification for a thigh lift may be to assist smooth up and contouring the thigh area after reducing weight. Some people decide for surgery to become more shapely and feel more at ease wearing jeans, shorts, and swimwear.

What is the ideal health condition to get a thigh lift in Dubai?

You are a candidate for thigh lift surgery if you can keep your weight stable. However, losing and maintaining your ideal weight for a while is a good idea before having thigh lift surgery. Since further weight loss may exacerbate the drooping of the skin. If you put on weight after having a thigh lift, it may damage the procedure’s outcome. Your surgeon can guide you in deciding the optimal weight.

For the thigh reduction treatment in Dubai, you must be in good physical condition. Diabetes is only one example of a chronic illness that can impede healing and potentially make administering anesthesia risky.

People who don’t drink or smoke are suitable candidates for thigh lift surgery. If you give up smoking for some time before surgery, you may be a candidate for a Thigh Lift in Dubai even if you already smoke. Remember, you should not start smoking for a while, even after the procedure.

You are a perfect candidate for thigh lift surgery in Dubai if you are determined to continue your commitment to a healthy diet and exercise after the surgery to maintain good-looking thighs.

Thigh Lift in Dubai - Dr Juan Carlos

What are the various types of thigh lift surgeries?

Different thigh lifts are accomplished through different incisions, removing extra skin and fat. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Juan Carlos, has many years of experience performing Thigh Lift in Dubai. He will work with you to determine the best method for your particular circumstances. The many thigh lift types are listed below for your consideration.

The most popular variation of this cosmetic procedure is a medial thigh lift. 

An incision is made from your groin area, extending downward and wrapping around the back of the thigh to address drooping skin in your inner thighs.

The surgeon may decide that you are a candidate for a small thigh lift based on your specific demands. Compared to other thigh lift procedures, this necessitates a little incision in your groin. It is an effective method if you only want to concentrate on the upper inner portion of your thigh.

Your thighs’ outer regions are the focus of an outer thigh lift. During the surgery, you will have an incision that begins in your groin and moves outward to your hip and lower back.

A vertical thigh lift may be an option if you want to address a lot of extra skin on all of your thighs. It necessitates deeper incisions that go all the way to your knees.

In rare circumstances, the skin elasticity in the thigh region may be inadequate. For additional assistance in removing extra fat cells and preventing sagging skin, your surgeon might advise liposuction in addition to thigh lift surgery.

What to expect during the Thigh Lift recovery phase?

Thigh lifts are invasive procedures, so, like other cosmetic surgeries, you’ll need to take time off work to heal.

After the procedure, you’ll probably feel discomfort, bruising, and swelling for a few days. Even though you should see increased definition in your thighs immediately, the full effects won’t become apparent for several months.

Talk to our doctor immediately if your pain worsens or you start bleeding through sutures or bandages. Visit our surgeon at once if you encounter the following symptoms:

  • Numbness
  • Wound separation
  • Fever and chills

How long does it take to witness results post thigh lift surgery?

Planning your work schedule will help you recuperate from a thigh lift operation, which often takes several weeks. Additionally, you must avoid any hard lifting and demanding exercises for at least 6 weeks following your treatment.

After healing, your surgeon’s incisions to remove extra skin from your thighs may leave scars. However, if performed by a skilled surgeon and put in obtrusive regions, the scars shouldn’t be highly visible to others.

Why consult Dr. Juan Carlos for your thigh lift in Dubai?

Dr. Juan Carlos is a  board-certified surgeon with specialized training and over 30 years of experience. His expertise in cosmetic procedures is commendable and detail-oriented. He will guide you well throughout the process and gives you complete attention and care during your post-operative phase.

For more details, schedule an appointment and get in touch with him.