Buttock Augmentatio in Dubai

Buttock Enlargement


Nowadays, there is a lot of attention paid to the appearance of the buttocks, and many individuals believe that their own bottoms may be more attractive in terms of size and shape.

Numerous efficient solutions for enhancing the size, shape, contour, and firmness of the butt have emerged in response to the need for buttock enhancement. Although “Buttock Enlargement” is a common term for buttock augmentation, the procedure buttock aygmentation in Dubai is flexible to the patient’s demands. It focuses on generating beautiful, natural-looking outcomes to meet each patient’s objectives.

What is Buttock Enlargement?

Buttock Enlargement in Dubai, also known as gluteal augmentation, is a surgical procedure that helps the buttocks appear fuller, firmer, and younger. Procedures for butt enlargement might increase a flatter area or remove drooping, loose skin. Our plastic surgeon could occasionally mix different surgical procedures to deliver the outcomes you desire.

To help shape and sculpt your butt, butt augmentation may use lifting procedures, implants, or fat transfer. Depending on your particular requirements, you may undergo various butt augmentation surgeries.

Our plastic surgeon Dr. Juan Carlos has successfully handled many cases of buttock augmentation in Dubai. Before proceeding, he considers every tiny detail regarding your body’s goal expectation and then offers you the right course of surgery and treatment.

To match the butt’s natural curves, implants that are identical to those used for breast augmentation but larger in size and shape are implanted. The silicone implants are inserted deeply into the buttock tissues for a natural-looking result that appears full, round, and with improved projection for a pert appearance.

What are Butt Implants?

“Buttock Implants” are artificial fillers inserted into the buttocks to add volume. The most common procedures on the buttocks are butt lifts and implants or fat grafting for augmentation.

Although buttock implant procedures are quite common, it is always advisable that you consult a medical professional for the same. Consult a board-certified surgeon about the potential advantages and drawbacks as well as any anticipated costs and recovery times.

Our surgeon Dr. Juan Carlos guides you with extensive instructions on what to do to prepare for surgery and beyond while feeling entirely at ease.

Who is a good candidate for buttock augmentation in Dubai?

Buttock Augmentation in Dubai - Dr Juan Carlos

What happens during a buttock enlargement procedure?

During the surgery, incisions are made along the sacrum, gluteal folds, or near the top of the upper buttocks (in the crease between the buttocks). The wounds are stitched shut once the implants have been placed in or above the muscle.

Also, to improve the form of the buttocks and increase their size while maintaining a natural appearance and feel, fat grafting may be done in conjunction with implants. However, the exact technique and the placement of implants depend on the type of implants used in different cases.

What are the various types of buttock enlargement or buttock augmentation in Dubai?

Butt implants: To give your butt a bigger contour, your plastic surgeon places silicone implants inside of it.

Brazilian butt lift (BBL): To add volume to your butt, your cosmetic surgeon will extract fat with liposuction from one area of your body and inject it there.

Butt lift: To give your butt a smoother, more toned appearance, your plastic surgeon will trim away any extra skin.

What should you expect post-buttock enlargement procedure?

You can expect a 2 to 3 nights stay in the hospital.

Following the procedure, you may have some discomfort and pain. Our surgeon will go over a pain management strategy with you to control this, and you will also be prescribed a course of antibiotics to help prevent infection.

After the procedure, you are advised to stand and sit, but you must avoid prolonged sitting for at least three weeks because it will harm the fat. Short-term sitting is permitted by using a “donut” pillow, which evenly distributes pressure to the buttocks. For the same amount of time, you must also sleep on your side or stomach.

Following discharge, you must schedule routine follow-up appointments with your surgeon to discuss wound care and check on your progress in healing.

After 6 to 8 weeks, most people can begin exercising under our surgeon’s guidance.

Why choose Dr. Juan Carlos for buttock augmentation in Dubai?

Dr. Juan Carlos is a respected board-certified plastic surgeon in Dubai. You can count on his expertise in plastic surgery procedures and comfortably discuss all your concerns you may have. He is dedicated to his practice and treats his patients with the utmost compassion and care.

Schedule an appointment to plan your buttock surgery in Dubai in the most suitable way.