Calf Lift

Calf Lift


Skinny, underdeveloped calves can be problematic for both sexes, especially if the rest of the body has well-defined muscles. This might be brought on by a muscular imbalance brought on by physical, hereditary, or post-accident problems. Others have simply been unable to workout alone to the level of muscle definition they desire. Whatever the cause, the end effect is an unattractive figure that is out of proportion.

A common surgery to develop toned calf muscles for more symmetrical and shaped legs is ‘Calf Lift’. Patients can select various shapes and sizes of silicone calf implants to get the desired look. These implants feel comparable to actual muscle.

What is a calf lift?

Calf Lift in Dubai is a surgical technique aiming to correct the asymmetry and form of the calves with the help of implants. Additionally, if there have previously been injuries to the tissues around the calves, this technique tries to repair such damages and raise or decrease the mass of the calves.

What are calf implants?

Calf implants are silicone-based cosmetic procedures used to improve the calf region. This surgical procedure, also known as calf lift/augmentation, is only carried out by specialized plastic surgeons.

If you’re self-conscious about the appearance of your lower legs, you might be interested in calf implants. Injured or physically disabled patients, bodybuilders, and others may also use this surgery. Both men and women are known to get calf implants.

Who is an ideal candidate for a calf lift in Dubai?

Calf Lift in Dubai - Dr Juan Carlos

What is the procedure for calf lift surgery?

Depending on the anatomical and cosmetic needs of each patient, our surgeon may introduce one or two calf implants into each leg during the outpatient procedure, which is carried out under local anesthetic. Small incisions are made in the creases behind the knee to put the silicone implants in pockets atop the gastrocnemius muscles. To make the present musculature appear bigger and more defined, the inner head, outer head, or both can be increased on one or both legs, depending on the desired result.

What to expect post-calf lift surgery?

The time needed for calf augmentation surgery in Dubai can vary based on the patient’s specific requirements and the complexity of the procedure. The patient will then require 1 to 2 weeks off from work due to a significant reduction in mobility; full mobility should be returned by two to four weeks, and the outcome will be noticeable between 2 to 3 months.

What are the advantages of a calf lift surgery?

Why consult Dr. Juan Carlos for a calf lift in Dubai?

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