Post Bariatric Surgery in Dubai

Post Bariatric Surgery

(After massive weight loss or saggy skin removal all over the body)


People who have undergone bariatric surgery and have lost significant weight, frequently discover that they have “deflated” skin in various places of their bodies. This could be in the face, arms, breasts, belly, and in and around thigh areas.

Skin that hangs loosely from the upper arms, chest, stomach, upper thighs, and buttocks may be several inches or even several feet long. These rolls and sheets of skin can rub against one another, causing sore spots and hygienic issues. They could also make exercising more challenging.

What is the impact of Bariatric surgery on the body?

Bariatric surgery in Dubai generally limits food intake to the stomach, which can have a number of unfavorable outcomes. As a result, skin hangs loosely all over the body. The patient’s skin loses its elasticity or the capacity to rebound as it was hundreds of pounds previously.

Infact, the new slimmed-down body has an overhanging panniculus, a broad apron of skin hanging from the stomach that covers the pubis and groin areas. Subsequently, the patient struggles with this layer of superfluous hanging skin.

Thus, some surgeries are required to fix this loose layer of skin and restore its elasticity.

Postbariatric surgery in Dubai - Dr Juan Carlos

How can postbariatric surgery (body contouring) help remove extra skin from various areas of your body?

Our plastic surgeon can remove and/or minimize extra after bariatric surgery by performing body contouring after significant weight loss. Body contouring produces smoother body outlines and a normal appearance by enhancing the form and tone of underlying tissue and removing extra sagging fat and skin.

Following are some post-bariatric surgeries that can reverse your body aesthetics:

Bariatric patients almost usually have excess flesh on their upper arms, frequently referred to as having “bat wings.” To remove the skin and create a more aesthetically pleasing contour, surgeons make incisions from the armpit to the elbow. As a result, the arm is opened from the underside so that the ensuing scar is largely concealed.

Following the incision, a Brachioplasty surgery may involve minor liposuction. The surgeon opens the arm, pulls the skin taut, and removes any extra skin that may weigh up to a pound per arm or more, depending on the patient.

By removing extra tissue from the upper breast, the surgeon can lift and enlarge the breasts, which often hang down to the umbilicus. In order to replace the breast’s lost tissue and fat, the treatment frequently calls for the use of an implant. Women’s scars are typically concealed inside the area the bra covers.

The distorting characteristic that commonly worries and annoys patients the most is extra skin hanging down over the pubic region. As a result of skin rubbing against itself in the stomach pannus, which retains moisture and frequently results in poor hygiene, rashes develop.

 Surgeons occasionally perform a belt lipectomy operation to produce better shapes on the back, flanks, and waist. At the lower waist level, the incision circles the patient’s torso completely. The surgeon also removes extra skin from the patient’s back and sides while performing further liposuction on the stomach and flanks. The belt lipectomy and abdominoplasty incisions are positioned so that most undergarments and bathing suits conceal the resulting scar.

With this technique, extra skin on the thighs and buttocks is removed. The surgeon makes an incision high on the inner leg, beginning around the groin and extending towards the knee to perform an inner thigh lift. Liposuction may be used to remove some fat.

After the procedure, the patient will have thighs that are tighter and more aesthetically pleasing after the surgeon removes excess skin, redrapes the remaining skin, and closes the lengthy incision. A back incision from hip to hip above the buttocks can raise the outer thigh and buttock.

Why consult Dr. Juan Carlos for postbariatric surgery in Dubai?

Have you recently undergone bariatric surgery and are struggling with loose, saggy skin? Then, Dr. Juan Carlos is the right surgeon to consult.  He is a board-certified surgeon and a veteran of plastic surgery and body contouring procedures. While he is experienced, he is also a compassionate doctor who guides and advises you throughout your journey of achieving your body goals.

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