Tummy tuck in Dubai

Advanced Liposuction and Tummy Tuck


The term “mid-section bulge” and “kangaroo pouch” are just two of the odious denominations used to describe extra fat that causes a protruding belly. If you’ve struggled with the insecurities and lack of confidence that more weight may bring, you may have thought about plastic surgery as a way to flatten your stomach and regain that slim figure from childhood.

Do you aspire to a stomach that is flatter and more shaped? Cosmetic surgery might be the answer. Advanced Liposuction surgery in Dubai and a Tummy Tuck in Dubai are the two main procedures you can select from to enhance the look and form of your abdomen.

Our plastic surgeon & the best liposuction surgeon in Dubai, Dr. Juan Carlos offers advanced and safe liposuction surgery in Dubai. He holds years of expertise and carries out every procedure with utmost precision.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction surgery in Dubai  is a type of cosmetic surgery for body sculpting that involves inserting a tiny tube, called a cannula, via a small incision close to the targeted areas, where it is attached to a suction pump. Liposuction eliminates specific pockets of recalcitrant fat. Only subcutaneous fat can be removed with stomach liposuction. Visceral fat cannot be suctioned out of the abdominal cavity because it is firmly lodged there.

However, liposuction isn’t typically regarded as an all-encompassing weight-loss technique or a weight-loss substitute. If you are overweight, diet, exercise, and/or bariatric operations will likely help you lose more weight.

Who is an ideal candidate for liposuction surgery in Dubai?

Adults of any age who are within 30% of their optimum weight and have firm, elastic skin and good muscular tone are the best candidates for liposuction.

Only healthy males or females with localized or generalized areas of extra fat are eligible for VASER. It functions well in people who cannot lose weight while following a healthy diet and exercise routine.

What are the advantages of advanced liposuction in Dubai ?

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What are advanced liposuction techniques?

Liposuction primarily involves using a cannula and a suction device to remove fat or lipid beneath the skin through tiny incisions.

Suction Assisted Lipoplasty (SAL) is the conventional procedure that involves saline infiltration before suctioning using a tumescent or super-wet approach. To stop bleeding, adrenaline is frequently added.

An electrically or pneumatically oscillating cannula is used in this technique to break down the fat in the body.

This method liquefies extra fat using ultrasonic energy before suctioning the fat.

Since the invention of the VASER, high-definition liposuction has become a procedure that can be performed. VASER, or vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance, is an acronym. In this technique, the fat cells are broken by ultrasonic technology’s strong waves.

With this advanced means of liposuction, our doctor may remove fat in a method that is both delicate and incredibly precise. Without harming the healthy tissue beneath, it breaks the connection between your fatty tissue and your muscles. Due to its success in body shaping, VASER liposuction has a solid reputation.

What is Tummy Tuck in Dubai?

You may think about getting a tummy tuck (also known as Abdominoplasty) if you have extra loose skin that gets shed despite changes in diet and physical activity. It is a significant cosmetic procedure that removes fat and extra skin, tightens the abdominal muscles, and leaves you with a flat, firm stomach.

There are several different procedures for tummy tuck in Dubai, like mini tummy tuck and circumferential tummy tuck. Tummy tucks are performed under the influence of general anesthesia. Our cosmetic surgeon will guide you through the entire procedure. Our team will choose which surgery is best for you based on your body morphology, needs, desired results, and state of health.

What are the eligibility criteria for a tummy tuck in Dubai?

It often works best for obese individuals and women who are pregnant and have excess skin and loose muscle postpartum. Tummy tuck surgery in Dubai will help women get in shape after childbirth by removing extra skin (along with those unsightly stretch marks) and tightening loose abdominal muscles because pregnancy also moves and loosens abdominal muscles. It’s like getting two things done at once.

Types of tummy tuck

This is the most popular stomach tuck method, focusing on contouring and toning the lower abdominal region. In this method, to remove extra skin and any fatty tissue, an incision is made above the pubic area beneath the belly button, commonly stretching from hip to hip. The lower abdominal region is then reshaped and made to look lean with liposuction. The abdominal muscles are typically strengthened concurrently with this surgery since it also reshapes the underlying abdominal wall.

A tiny tummy tuck is an alternative if you only require a modest amount of extra skin or fatty tissue removed below the belly button. A micro tummy tuck does not require the belly button to be moved and only requires a much smaller incision right above the pubic area. Scarring is minimal because of the tiny incision, which can be hidden by undergarments or a swimming suit.

This surgical treatment is an adaptation of abdominoplasty intended to benefit individuals who have undergone substantial weight loss. Folds of skin and fat called an “apron,” are frequently the consequence in individuals who have lost 100 pounds or more or have excess loose skin after bariatric surgery. This more advanced abdominoplasty technique necessitates the removal of a significant quantity of tissue.

The top part of the stomach right below the breasts is involved in a reverse abdominoplasty. While some patients’ upper torsos may have loose skin or additional fat, their lower abdominal region may be flat and toned. One long incision or two shorter ones are used to perform a reverse stomach tuck beneath the breasts or in the breast folds. Finally, the extra skin and fat in the upper torso are removed and tucked ‘upwards’ into the breast region.

Why is Dr. Juan Carlos one of the best surgeons for liposuction and tummy tuck in Dubai?

Dr. Juan Carlos is a highly skilled and licensed liposuction surgeon in Dubai. He has a long professional career working with various hospitals and associations. His credentials are quite significant and credible. He is a compassionate doctor who ensures high standards of care and treatment for all patients.

Consult our board-certified plastic surgeon if you believe a tummy tuck or an advanced liposuction procedure would benefit you and your aesthetic objectives.